Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed about a pretty consistently empty chair? How about walking into the salon, looking at your schedule and thinking, “Ugh, another slow day…”? Although I can’t wave a magic wand, I can help alleviate your slow days, or what I like to call the “Empty Chair Syndrome.” This game plan will help you fill your chair with clients that love you.  Today, we’ll discuss the exact strategies I’ve used to turn my slow days into flow days. Beauty-Salon-Interior-Design   First, let me say this, everything you do is about staying super persistent and having a get-it-done mentality. All my strategies are about action and I encourage you to implement this strategy immediately to get the best results.

By all means, don’t give up, keep pushing forward. When I opened my salon, almost 10 years ago, I was seriously sweating bullets. Not only did I put down a huge investment and some certified sweat equity, I needed to hire staff and get clients walking into the salon.

I had some clients who were going to follow me to my new salon, but I knew that I would lose some clients. It is part of the business.

I hustled hard at least a month prior to opening. I passed out business cards, flyers, magnets & whatever other ideas were thrown my way. I must admit that some of it worked pretty well, while others didn’t. I knew that passing out 2000 flyers might get me a 5-10% return on potential clients, so maybe 10 to 20 clients.

Not bad, but I needed more. So, I decided to do a photoshoot and create a MySpace page (way back when), don’t judge me. Lol!

That created a little buzz, but not a huge impact. Family and friends responded on the page expressing their excitement, but It didn’t really do the trick. The magic number for me was 40.  I wanted to get an average of 40 new clients a month.

I was in a new area and needed make my presence felt, so I did something pretty insane. Yes, absolutely nuts!

I knew one thing! When people don’t know you, it’s hard for them to trust you and your work. They need some type of validation.

They need someone resourceful to give them the OK and give them a try.

I cannot tell you how many clients admitted that they were the guinea pigs for their friends and the only person willing to take the chance to see how good or bad I was. Has this happened to you? Crazy stuff. I wanted to increase the value of my work, salon and team within 6 months.

This is what I did!

I offered my skilled services at a ridiculously low price, on a specific day.

I posted an Ad on craigslist, social media and all around the neighborhoods; apartment buildings, hotels, offices and restaurants.

I ran the same Ad campaign for 3 consecutive months and it was the push my businesses need to spread the word. It spread like wild fire. Check it out here…. (Use It.)

The biggest benefit is that once the client sits in your chair, you have the opportunity to get them to pre-book, Yelp, ask for referrals, sell retail and tell other people about their experience with you. If you give that client the most memorable, amazing, jaw dropping experience, you’ll have a client for life or a long time.

So, here is my challenge for you, create a simple Ad. Try Canva.com, its free! Market it everywhere! Even if you get 10 new clients a month, it’s enough to start building your reputation and value of service. You may not make much money from it initially, but it will be the boost you need to get more clients behind the chair.

Ready. Set. Go.

Comment below.

Share your experiences.

I would love to hear your results.    

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