There is no downside to client referrals and high rates of retention. These two facets of business work eerily, yet not surprisingly, hand-in-hand.

The puzzling part is that not many stylists are using the R&R strategy (referrals and retention) to build themselves better, more consistent business.

Have you implemented referral strategies only to realize they’re not working?

What about not seeing clients for almost 6 months and wondering what happened to _____________. (fill in the blank)

The struggle of increasing your clientele falls under these two key points, which just keep getting missed.

If you’re experiencing this, it’s not the end for you. Trust me, I’ve dealt with lack of referrals and plenty of missed opportunities for customer retention in my day.

The secret requires some strategy, planning and implementation of R&R in your everyday schedule, which will ultimately increase your bottom line.



I love saying “the bottom line”: Let’s increase it!

In today’s post, I give you 3 tips and tricks that you can start implementing immediately.

  1. Referral Campaign

The referral campaign is easy to implement that it almost feels like you are cheating. The quickest way to get it started is to create an incentive so valuable that your client will be passing out the referral card to everyone they know. I create a referral card to give to my client, which in turn, they give it to a friend as a gift card for $20 off.

The Benefit: If you receive (3) gift cards back, your client receives and complimentary cut/style and product of their choice.

Plan of Action: Create Referral cards similar to these and hand out 3 to each client. Discuss the benefits and watch the referrals roll in.

  1. Client Experience

One of the best ways to increase your client retention is through the mastery of skill and client experience. This is the dose of awesomeness. Let me say this: when clients look at their hair, they think of you and how you made them feel. The experience is the single most important reason why clients come back and are willing to pay top dollar to see you. So you may ask, “What are the best ways to increase the client’s experience?”

  1. Professional Consultation
  2. Premium Snacks and Beverages
  3. Extended Complimentary Service (conditioning treatment, scalp and hand massage, eyebrow touch ups, etc)
  4. Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday Cards
  5. Loyalty Programs

Remember the experience is all about how you make them feel.



  1. Skill Mastery

Continued education is well respected in the beauty industry. Education keeps you aligned with trends, ideas and new ways on expanding your gifted talents. Skill Mastery sets you apart from your competitors. Your clients will notice that increased quality of work and how much more in demand you become. The more you become in demand, the more you have the opportunity to pre-book and increase your prices

Here is something that has worked extremely well for me:

  1. Follow and learn from someone you look up to.
  2. Watch videos and practice on doll heads.
  3. Go after mastery of one specific thing at a time. (Cut, Color, Extensions)
  4. Schedule your month out that will allow you to block time to get educated.

Ready. Set. Go.

If you use these top 3 simultaneously, you will notice a major increase in your business and bottom line.

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I would love to get your feedback


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