20 May When all else fails, you must stay focused

How many times have you heard this? When all else fails, it's truly hard to stay focus. Everything you want to achieve seems to head in a completely different direction. Like many, I have been through some pretty hard moments in my life. During those moments, I definitely felt like I lost everything. After speaking to a good friend and coach of mine, we came up with these (3) key tools to stay focus during...

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Frustrated Lady

15 Apr A Minor SetBack For A Major Comeback

  5 Quick and Easy Tips you can use for a major comeback.  TIP 1: Stay Positive - The worst thing you can do during a setback is be negative, resentful and doubtful about who and what you are. To stay positive write down 5 things that you are in gratitude of and use these as a compass for your comeback.TIP 2: Accept Failure- Failure is part of the equation to success. Failures are challenges that conditions you to...

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JAred blonde

15 Apr How to be the UNSTOPPABLE Hairstylist

BE UNSTOPPABLE. You got the desire to grow. The will to succeed. The drive to push forward. Perhaps the only element missing is the perfect situation that can set you up for success. You know that perfect salon, the endless client flow or the ongoing education that keeps you sharp and on top of your game. Sure this is the beauty industry and it is recession proof so the opportunities must be endless. If opportunities are endless,...

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Staying happy as a stylist is not always easy. With so many things we have to think about, its crucial that our happiness is at the forefront of success. Here are my top 3 Secret Weapons to staying happy as a stylist.1. TAKE CARE OF YOUYou are your best investment. At every stage of your success you must take out 45 minutes  to exercise at the beginning our end of your day. Exercising helps you...

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02 Feb Self Worth – What’s your Value?

3 Tips To Raise Your Value an Self Worth The biggest issue with a lot of stylist is dealing with fear, doubt and negativity. Sometimes we feast on what we haven’t accomplish and we devalue who we are and what we want. We go through so many up and down emotions that we lose site of who we are. Some of the biggest factors is having aLow-self worth of who we are. Low motivation Not feeling good...

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02 Feb It’s time to Fuel Your Fears

 Every challenged faced is a direct reflection of what your fear most.”The avenue of success is truly determined by how well you deal with fear, challenges and even rejection. The toughest athletes endure some of the most gut wrenching challenges that cause them to react with bravery and focus. What really fuels them? What causes an athlete to quit? What makes a winner a winner? Tenacity? Strength? Will-Power? Below I have outlined 3 key areas on how you...

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26 Jan Time to G.R.I.N.D

ALL ABOUT THE GRIND  When you are determined to become a success, it is truly about staying on the path on non-stop determination. When I talk about Respecting the Grind, I’m talking about Initiative, Persistence, Communication and Accountability. Often to many times we see stylist, managers, students and even educators playing the blame game as to why they have not achieved the success they wanted. I have not met anyone who have not experienced a slow...

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01 Jan New Year. New You

 Here you are! You made it to another year. 2015 has finally arrived and this year breeds opportunity for you to embark on. For some, opportunities may come easy, but others it may be a struggle. Have you ever felt like you were on track and heading in the right direction only to be side tracked by other challenges that jump right in the way? Or you wrote down some new year goals, only to...

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27 Aug My Best Kept Secret for Achieving Salon Success

If you’ve ever had a slow day in the salon, you know you know how frustrating an empty chair can be. Here’s how to turn even the slowest days around.When you invest in your development, it requires a calculated effort, energy and time to evolve. Every stylist dedicated to building their reputation in the beauty industry must be willing to work hard, break sweat and sacrifice time to build. Some students and stylist believes that...

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