A Minor SetBack For A Major Comeback

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15 Apr A Minor SetBack For A Major Comeback

  5 Quick and Easy Tips you can use for a major comeback.


TIP 1: Stay Positive – The worst thing you can do during a setback is be negative, resentful and doubtful about who and what you are. To stay positive write down 5 things that you are in gratitude of and use these as a compass for your comeback.

TIP 2: Accept Failure– Failure is part of the equation to success. Failures are challenges that conditions you to become better. Don’t ever let failure be the reason you give up.

Tip 3: Stay clear of Negative People: During your hardest time, negative people can make things worst. You want to position yourself better than where you started. The way to do this, is to ask advice from people who you truly look up do.

Tip 4: Fitness and Nutrition Program: I’ve always felt that working out helps to clear the mind, open the soul and release stress. Keep it simple but effective. I use muscleandfitness.com to get some great tips and ideas.

Tip 5: Be Patient: I encourage knocking out daily small goals but keeping it simple and effective. Everything you do requires patience with yourself, goals and colleagues. Keep it steady, but ready.

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