27 Aug My Best Kept Secret for Achieving Salon Success

If you’ve ever had a slow day in the salon, you know you know how frustrating an empty chair can be. Here’s how to turn even the slowest days around.

When you invest in your development, it requires a calculated effort, energy and time to evolve. Every stylist dedicated to building their reputation in the beauty industry must be willing to work hard, break sweat and sacrifice time to build. Some students and stylist believes that talent alone will help them accomplish the high return of low investment. Your investment as stylist should be set up with the right priorities without wasting valuable time doing things that take away from your growth. Regardless of wether you are seasoned are not, you should be asking yourself some important questions. Like;

How many classes am I attending a year?

Am I where I want to be as a stylist?

What goals do I have aligned up for the next 3 month that will further my development and career.

How many dedicated hours would it take me to make $100,000/yr as a stylist?

What am I willing to sacrifice now to get where I need to get as a stylist? Weekends? Family? Friends? Nightclubs? Video Games?


No matter what we all have to sacrifice something to build our sweat equity.

Below are a list of my top favorites on the art of sweat equity:

1. Master Time Management

Plan your days, weeks and even months centered around your goals. Your planning will help you to stay focus on the most important things. Every sweat dropped during your week should be from a completed task or project. This builds confidence,    positive reinforcement and most important growth. Time Management is your insurance policy for calculated success.

2. Create a Mental Outcome

In everything you do, you must be able to visualize an outcome for it. In order to visualize an outcome, you must believe that you are willing to do whatever it takes for you to succeed. Don’t waste time playing insecurity games, think it can’t be done. If you you work for it, you will earn it. Hence, SWEAT EQUITY.

3. Build Value in Your Name

Your name, reputation and what you do is everything. Devote countless hours on your downtime, building value in your name. Become a resource, a high commodity, a go-to person for information. As you increase the value of your name, the equity of worth will soon follow.

4. Work Smart. Work Hard. Work Daily

If you love what you do, weekends mean nothing. Everyday you are not behind the chair, you should be dedicating at least 2-4 Hours on day on developing yourself. Working hard is about establishing your foundation. Working Smart is about innovating your foundation to help you grow.

5. Pay the Price and Earn Your Keep

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. Don’t be afraid to work for no money. Don’t be afraid to pay the price. Every positive thing you do for yourself is really about being proactive you what you do. If you are an assistant, stylist or salon owner, paying the price is about putting your best two feet forward with no regrets.

So I not only encourage you, but ask of you to take these steps and apply them in your life immediately. You will amaze yourself.

If you have any questions, feedback or thoughts please comment below.


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