How to be the UNSTOPPABLE Hairstylist

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15 Apr How to be the UNSTOPPABLE Hairstylist


You got the desire to grow. The will to succeed. The drive to push forward. Perhaps the only element missing is the perfect situation that can set you up for success. You know that perfect salon, the endless client flow or the ongoing education that keeps you sharp and on top of your game. Sure this is the beauty industry and it is recession proof so the opportunities must be endless. If opportunities are endless, why do so many stylist walk away from a career they are so passionate about? Is it financial? Is it a horrible salon experience? Not enough clients? Juggling two jobs? Not a strong support system?

If any of these questions falls under your umbrella just know you are not alone. Many stylist struggle everyday with the idea of staying in the business, making it part-time or just giving up. Well if you are truly passionate about being a success as a hairstylist, just know YOU CAN DO IT. Do you want to be unstoppable in this industry? Accomplish more goals? Set bigger ones? Achieve the impossible? If your answer is YES, I listed 3 major things you must do to be unstoppable as a stylist:


As simple as this may sound, many stylist struggle with the direction of their career. Some stylist are easily swayed by others opinions, ideas or experiences to determine their outcome. In order to avoid frustration, regret and doubt, you must be very specific about your goals and aspirations. Knowing what you want, puts you right into alignment with hitting goals. Knowing what you want gives you precise purpose. Purpose of why you do what you do, move the way you move, plan the way you plan. Struggles will seem like its all part of the plan when you know why you are doing what you do.


Struggling is a sign of resilience. Never forget that. When you are working hard to establish your name, brand and business, you have to condition yourself for the best. Conditioning yourself requires some struggling, setbacks and disappointments.  However, if you can work through it, stay focus and  keep grinding you will amaze yourself. When people say you have to work smart, not harder, I say you can do both and get way ahead. Remember the goal is to be unstoppable no matter what.


Be repetitive with your small daily goals. My coach gave me the best advice ever; “Let your goals wake you up and your accomplishments put you to sleep.” The key is making everyday count and being relentless to get it done. I often talk about “Unleashing the Beast” that lives in you. Unleashing means releasing yourself from doubt, fears and insecurities that may hold you back from being consistent. Take 10 minutes every morning to remind yourself about how great you are and how amazing you are becoming. Become proactive about your purpose and your consistency will become your lifestyle.

If you apply just these (3) Essential things to your everyday life, opportunities will open up like never before.



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