02 Feb It’s time to Fuel Your Fears


Every challenged faced is a direct reflection of what your fear most.”

The avenue of success is truly determined by how well you deal with fear, challenges and even rejection. The toughest athletes endure some of the most gut wrenching challenges that cause them to react with bravery and focus. What really fuels them? What causes an athlete to quit? What makes a winner a winner? Tenacity? Strength? Will-Power? Below I have outlined 3 key areas on how you can simply fuel your fear.


1. Fear is an Assumption

Majority of the time you are fearful of something it is because you have made and assumption of what the outcome may be. Assumptions leave so much room for doubt, hesitation and negativity. Fear of something may be directed reflected to feeling embarrassed, resentment or regret before anything happens. In order to change this, think as fear as an assumption of something that has not happen yet. Like, being afraid to do a cut, color or up-do on a client and you have thought of all of the disastrous things that can happen. Make no assumptions and turn your fear into a positive outlook on a worthy result.

2. Step Ahead, Slowly but with Bravery

Sometimes fueling your fear is about being analyzing what exactly you may be frightened of and accepting the fact that you have what it takes. Next, would be taking a little time out of your day writing down goals and objectives that would help you face the fear head on. Finally, scheduling out specific deadline that will get you a little closer to accomplishing those fears. This alone will help you build confidence and become brave with conquering your fears.

3. Watch Closely How You Respond

As you move forward, is it negative or positive? If negative, why did you get that result? Client? Co-worker? Doubt? If positive, how did it make you feel? Happy? Excited? Accomplished? In you business, its about you understanding what triggers you happiness and excitement. If you can connect you excitement and happiness to your fear, than surely a healthy fear will appear as fuel to do more. Every fear requires a game plan of action. Stay resilient, focused and consistent on facing fears that can help further your growth.

These three are simple steps to get the ball rolling to get you where you need to be. Wishing you all the best.

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