02 Feb Self Worth – What’s your Value?

3 Tips To Raise Your Value an Self Worth

The biggest issue with a lot of stylist is dealing with fear, doubt and negativity. Sometimes we feast on what we haven’t accomplish and we devalue who we are and what we want. We go through so many up and down emotions that we lose site of who we are. Some of the biggest factors is having a

  • Low-self worth of who we are.
  • Low motivation
  • Not feeling good enough
  • Low energy levels and soo much more.

If you are struggling with any of the above, don’t worry! Many stylist go through the same feelings. Well I must say that over the years, as you progress it gets easier. Let me throw another perspective your way:

“Value is built on having a solid reputation in business. Clients speak well about your and over time you become in demand. When you became in demand, the value of service, prices and knowledge should rise. Hence your value of self-worth will increase over time. Remember, its all about building your brand and empire. Here are some key factors in raising your stylist value and self worth:

1. Realize you have total control of your future.

Nothing can stop a person who believes in themselves at their lowest points. Give yourself time and patience to focus on what you really want to become. Listen to your intuition and simply trust that you have what it takes to accomplish anything you want.

2. Be accountable for your actions

Accountability plays a huge role, when it comes to building up your confidence and ability to become better. Regardless of  failure or  success you must look at every situation and accept responsibility to learn from it. Lack of motivation and procrastination is usually tied to dealing with issues of others or finding disappointment in various outcomes. Be your own motivation and maintain a healthy level of passion for success.

3. Work Hard

There is no way around this. Your value is build around how hard you work you must be willing to sacrifice a lot of time toward achieving a worthy goal. Hard work gives you a sense of worth, and leaves you feeling content with accomplishment. When you work hard, you become a valuable asset to any working environment.

Start off with these three key elements and let it drive your value to the roof. Stick with it! Remember, consistency is the engine to success.

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