26 Jan Time to G.R.I.N.D



When you are determined to become a success, it is truly about staying on the path on non-stop determination. When I talk about Respecting the Grind, I’m talking about Initiative, Persistence, Communication and Accountability. Often to many times we see stylist, managers, students and even educators playing the blame game as to why they have not achieved the success they wanted. I have not met anyone who have not experienced a slow day, unhappy client or a day of negativity. It happens to the best of us. However, in order to develop an endless flow of opportunity and success, you must be willing to sacrifice your time. You must be will to dedicate yourself to the idea that your grind will determine your result. Wether it’s good or bad, it is entirely up to you.

I listed (4) Key Points to help put you on the right path; Let’s Go!

1. Initiative

Often the grind is about taking the initiative. The initiative to market yourself. The initiative to pay for more education. The initiative to clean, communicate, assist, ask questions. Think that nothing is going to coming to you unless you are willing to first take the initiative. If you respect your G.R.I.ND. taking the initiative should be part of your development.

2. Persistence

I’ve seen to many people give up way to early in the game. The beauty business is about being persistent and staying on the path. A lot of stylist who struggle, are mainly the ones who jump around from salon to salon going that the next one is better than the last. Persistence is truly about maintaining at a level of greatness over the years, keeping your eyes on the prize at all cost. Determination + Non-Stop = Persistence.

3. Communication

The term, “Closed mouths don’t get fed”, has some truth to it. Sometimes during my consultations, I find stylist are not communicating at all. They do more venting, complainin and nagging to the wrong individual(s) and do not get much resolved. Bad communication can shift the overall focus of the grind and leave a stylist feeling drained, resentful and even exhausted to continue on. Find the time to communicate effectively and it keeps your goals, success in perspective.

4. Accountability

The person who is able to accept the fact that he/she is solely responsible for his/her own success is the person who will make leaps and bounds when it comes to salon success. Take accountability for your actions, your time, your goals and mistakes. When you ask yourself,” What could I have done? What have I learned from this situation? How can I make a difference? This leaves room for self-improvement, self-development and self-worth.

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