12 May Increase Your Pre-Books To 50%……..

You’re in the process of putting the final touches on your client’s hair. They love it. They love you.You’ve given your client everything they’ve asked for. Then comes that dreadful moment, asking them to pre-book their next appointment.The “PB” word makes clients cringe. Plan ahead?!Nothing but doubt, hesitation and fear overwhelms you. You know that you want to get your client to schedule their next appointment before they leave, you need to;...

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06 Jul Use These (4) Ways to Get Higher Retention

Let’s get those client flow frequency higher. We know your clients love everything you do. But can you add more value? Can you get your client to schedule that next appointment before they leave? Maybe give your client a strong incentive if they come back in a specified amount of time? Ooooooohhhhhh, I like that one. Of course, there are so many ways. Let’s look into these 4 ways to get your rolling:Create a Solid...

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We are going to breakdown these 3 core elements to growing a fabulous referral business. At every stage of growing your business you must apply an active strategy to create more business.Ask For Referrals OnlineOne of the best ways to bring your business to an all time high is by simply asking. We must be willing to extend ourselves behind the chair and ask for more business. A social media post:  “Like my work? I’m...

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21 Nov How to Make Salon Gossip Work For You

Are you working in a salon with lots of gossiping? Has gossip caused unnecessary drama for yourself or others? Here’s what to do about it.  1. Keep Your Personal Affairs Private As a professional, you must learn quickly that talking about your personal problems can come back and put you in the forefront of drama. Some people feast off hearing the negativity of another persons problems. When you keep your business life and personal life separate you...

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