21 Nov How to Make Salon Gossip Work For You

Are you working in a salon with lots of gossiping? Has gossip caused unnecessary drama for yourself or others? Here’s what to do about it.


1. Keep Your Personal Affairs Private

As a professional, you must learn quickly that talking about your personal problems can come back and put you in the forefront of drama. Some people feast off hearing the negativity of another persons problems. When you keep your business life and personal life separate you become more balanced at developing your growth. Your reputation becomes crisp, purpose driven and positive.

2. Know Who You Can Trust

Not everyone is looking out for your best interest. Some people in the workplace is looking to let out more than they can chew. They need someone to vent and complain to. Those who are quick to show all their emotions at the drop of a issue or problem, is someone that may be unstable. Someone that always talks about others, may eventually turn you into the end of the gossiping and drama quarrels. Trust those who seemed to be focus in both personal and business. In a salon environment, it’s less about what you know and more about who you know. (hint).

3. Be Yourself

Some stylists, assistant and managers are looking to make friends in the salon and will become someone different just to be liked in school or a salon environment. Being yourself is about sticking to your goals, being vulnerable and open to learning new things to help you grow. When you get caught up with the gossiping clicks or groups in the salon, you risk the potential of losing your identity in the salon. We see this often with stylist who lose their purpose with in the first year of getting a cosmetology license.

4. Be About Your Business

The level of respect that comes to stylist who are truly about their business is extremely high. These individuals are self driven and thrive off of growth not drama. Your business should always come first. Every time you take away time to gossip or listen to gossip, it pushes you away from your goals, dreams and aspirations. Be about your business and others will not only respect you, you will attract the ones who are about their business as well.

Use these CHAMPION TIPS to keep you aligned with creating a better version of who you are….


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