Increase Your Pre-Books To 50%……..

12 May Increase Your Pre-Books To 50%……..

You’re in the process of putting the final touches on your client’s hair. They love it. They love you.

You’ve given your client everything they’ve asked for. Then comes that dreadful moment, asking them to pre-book their next appointment.

The “PB” word makes clients cringe. Plan ahead?!

Nothing but doubt, hesitation and fear overwhelms you. You know that you want to get your client to schedule their next appointment before they leave, you need to; but how?

Let’s pre-book together! Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could pre-book at least 40% of your clients?

I want to ease the pain and awkwardness of asking for a pre-booked appointment by giving you this simple, proven script that will get your clients scheduling their next appointment at check out every time.

Today’s post is all about the power of the pre-book.

Once you know it, work it! It will amaze you. Please share your wins, let me know how it goes.


One of the best ways to make this happen is by making recommendations. Think of recommendations as the answer to a future question. Clients aren’t always sure what to do next and it is up to us to give them direction.
If you are looking to maintain your client’s healthy hair or freshen up color or keep those split ends away, making recommendations is the sure way of pre-booking.
Give your clients a reason to pre-book with you by offering an incentive. An incentive is an enticing offer that gives the clients a way to receive something of value for free or at a lower price. An example would be an exclusive conditioning treatment or a complimentary product to help revitalize the hair. Even 10% off the next service may be what is needed get them to pre-book.
By incentivizing your service, your client will see the benefit of pre-book every-time.
Educating your client is the golden ticket to pre-booking. Why? Because it is the easiest way to build a relationship with your client. At the centerpiece of building relationships, you will find trust. Trust is built by listening to your client, asking questions and giving solutions.
Use the power of education to get the clients to do whatever you may suggest to them. Show them tips, tricks & in-salon secrets they can use at home. Then, educate them about being on a hair schedule to maintain their hair needs.
When you walk your client up to the front desk, simply write down a few ideas you discussed with the next recommended appointment date.
Try these 3 on every client you have. Switch back and forth between each one and see which one works really well for you.
Here’s my challenge to you: Pre-book 50% of your clients this month. This will help you get into the habit to increase your numbers on a consistent level.
Ready. Set. Go.
Leave your comments below and share this with your fellow stylist.


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