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17 Jun The 3 P’s of Success

What makes you different? What is so unique about you that drives your will to exceed?I was never a big fan of these questions, because I never knew the answers. I would make-up answers that either sounded good and/or made sense. I remember my cosmetology teacher use to say, what is really going to make you successful? Still I never knew the answer.I was just trying to figure out how I was going to pay rent, get gas and...

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01 Jan New Year. New You

 Here you are! You made it to another year. 2015 has finally arrived and this year breeds opportunity for you to embark on. For some, opportunities may come easy, but others it may be a struggle. Have you ever felt like you were on track and heading in the right direction only to be side tracked by other challenges that jump right in the way? Or you wrote down some new year goals, only to...

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