Increase your clientele by implementing this simple strategy…

01 May Increase your clientele by implementing this simple strategy…


Who doesn’t love a proven strategy that works? Heck, yes I do! I’m sure you do to. Well I have so many simple and effective strategies to attracting more clients to you, that you and I are going to bond well. Yes!

Let me first mention that every strategy I put in front of you is about implementation and having a get it done attitude. I call that persistence, some call it go-time on your time. Whatever you want to name it, just know that you have what it takes to make this strategy work for you.

So you may be thinking, “I know yelp, but will it really work for me.” It’s hard to get reviews about me and I’m not sure how to make it work in my favor.” It’s ok, I got you covered. The most important thing for you to remember is that opportunities and real life numbers exist on yelp. And you cannot deny it.

If you are working in a new salon, struggling to build a clientele, consider this as the #1 alternative to building a consistent clientele base. It’s all in the numbers and yelp has them like no other. Consider the huge benefits that Yelp has for you:

  • Free Marketing
  • Statistics on Visitors
  • Photo Uploads
  • One Page Branding
  • Get Top Ranked
  • Powerful SEO to attract new clients

Say What!!!


If you haven’t yet, my recommendation is to utilize Yelp to your advantage as a way to increase your client flow. So I have a simple way to increase your client reviews that will blow your mind! As a matter of fact, it is something that you can implement immediately starting today.

I like to call this strategy the “Proof in The Name”. The “Proof in The Name” is about creating positive reinforcement and credibility to your name. Studies have shown that when people are reading yelp reviews they naturally look for the name in the paragraphs they are reading. If they see a name more than 5 times or let’s go bigger 10 times, you become the KING OR QUEEN OR THE GO TO PERSON FOR THAT SALON SPACE.


So you may ask well how do I get 5 or may 10 people to review me on yelp. Simple! You ask…..Yes, I said ask! Not in a begging, sad face I need your review asap, help me sort of way. But in a let’s validate our relationship sort of way. Say What, Jared!

Ok. Listen! I got the exact script I use to up my yelp reviews that make clients go to yelp immediately and write that review. You want to know what it is? Of course you do! It works for me all the time so it better work for you.

Before I pass the torch, I want to challenge you to make this happen this week. Yes! This week. Like I said earlier, It’s all about having a get-it-done attitude. Let’s get you 10 reviews.

Ok, here is the simplified script:

“I have a plan to increase my yelp reviews by the end of this month, can you support your favorite hairstylist on making this happen?” (Drops the Mike).

Here is the psychology behind it: You are presenting your client with one of your awesome plans to get recognition for the amazing work you do. Asking for support, makes them feel like they are paying back a small favor for the work you have done on them. And here’s the magic, you are putting a time limit on getting it done!

Remember the key is: You must ask in person, on the phone or via DM, text or email.

Target GOAL: 10 reviews this month

Ready. Set. Go.

Comment below. I would love to hear your feedback, and by all means, make it happen!

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