My top 3 Secrets I use to build more clients


11 May My top 3 Secrets I use to build more clients

“I need more clients. It’s hard to keep clients. How long does it take to build a clientele base?” These statements I hear often and I must say with a tone of disparity.

“If I told you that it was going to be easy, I would be telling you a flat out lie. If I said,  “you just need to find a better salon, that would be a lie as well.”

In the beginning it’s a challenge and as you grow, it’s a juggling act and a game of chess.

Here’s the great news, “I’m going to give you these simple effective ways to build more clients. Best part is you can start today.”





When I talk about consistency, I speak of the way you hustle. The way you move and how you drive hard daily to get what you need to get. Procrastination kills the process of growth and you must have an daily regimen at building your business. Daily goals helps you develop strong habits that works toward your growth. Your downtime, (when you do not have any clients) should be your uptime when you can schedule out a plan of action to 1. Pass out business cards 2.Market on social media 3. Send out follow up emails. Scheduling just these (3) in your calendar  and it will change the course immediately.


Service quality is the direct reflection of building a solid referral business. Sometimes we rely to much on our technical skills, not paying much attention to the overall quality of service. Quality of service is about providing your client with an amazing experience. You educate your clients, service them like VIP” and extend offers that tailor to their needs. Quality changes the climate of success. Write down 5 things you could do right now to raise the quality of your business.


Find at least two stylist that you would consider as “BUSY” and pick their brain like never before. I remember talking to a stylist who was always busy and they dropped some knowledge I never knew. Like promising your client something and then going beyond your promise. Or working hard for 24 months to build your clients,  then strategizing how to shed the unwanted clients, to make room for more valuable clients.

I can guarantee, that if you implement these (3) in your lives, you will simple amaze yourself. Start today, and let me know how it goes!



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