Use These (4) Ways to Get Higher Retention

06 Jul Use These (4) Ways to Get Higher Retention

Let’s get those client flow frequency higher. We know your clients love everything you do. But can you add more value? Can you get your client to schedule that next appointment before they leave? Maybe give your client a strong incentive if they come back in a specified amount of time? Ooooooohhhhhh, I like that one. Of course, there are so many ways. Let’s look into these 4 ways to get your rolling:

  1. Create a Solid Communication Calendar

Studies have shown that creating more communication with your clients frequently is a great way to build retention. Following up after ever visit, holidays, birthdays and special offers is great ways to stay consistent. Create an solid communication calendar that will keep clients thinking about you and your service.

  1. Raise The Value Bar to Your Services

Increase the quality of your service by adding small calculated touches. A small note, a gifted recommendation or  maybe a blowdry package exclusive for your clients, raises the service bar. Clients are more receptive to services that add value overtime. It gives them a VIP feel and creates a need to visit more often.

  1. Service Integrity

You want long-term success? Create integrity with every single client you come in contact with. That means doing your very best. Do your best in the greet, consultation, service, close and follow-up. Integrity engages a pattern to build a relationship with your existing clients, making it easier to do business over and over again. If you are open and honest with them, care about their needs and take a genuine interest in them, you WIN!

  1. Client Surveys

Studies show that:

  1. 68% of clients leave because they are unhappy with the service they receive
  2. 14% are unhappy with the stylist
  3. 9% leave because of the competition.

This may not be ALL the clients, but these numbers speak volume. Creating a simple 3-5 question survey for your clients will give you the necessary feedback to make adjustments where need be. Send out your survey via email or in-person. Great questions like:

  1. How you would rate my quality of service?
  2. If you had to describe your experience at our salon in 5 words, what would it be?
  3. What 2 things would you like to see changed about our business?

These are quick, to the point and take less than 10 minutes to fill out.


Action Plan

Be Proactive. Take the time, today to implement these in your schedule. These alone will make a huge impact in your bottom line! Remember: Be consistent, stay focused and you will amaze yourself and the colleagues that work with you!


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